Frequently Asked Questions - Scout Inflatable Kayaks

Are Scout inflatable kayaks and accessories available for sale?

Online Outboards offers the full line of quality inflatable kayaks and accessories from Scout. The Scout portable inflatable kayak is perfect for fishing, hunting, and all your water adventures.

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Can a Scout inflatable kayak be used with a motor?

Yes, both the Scout 365 and Scout 430 are designed to be used with an outboard motor.

Are the Scout inflatable kayaks easy to set up?

Scout’s kayaks are designed for a quick and easy 10-minutes or less setup with an air pump.

1. Find a flat surface where your Scout will be set up
2. Remove any sharp objects from the flat surface
3. Unfold and spread your boat out flat
4. Inflate both pontoon tubes to around 70%
5. Place the air floor inside the boat and inflate it to 100%
6. Inflate both pontoon tubes to 100%
7. Attach the oars and install the seats
8. Close the internal bung

How should I transport my Scout kayak?

Scout Inflatable products are designed for exploration and easy transport. It’s lightweight, durable, and compact and folds up into a compact package to transport anywhere the water takes you.

Where are Scout portable inflatable kayaks manufactured?

Designed, developed, and manufactured in Southern California, Scout has full-time staff monitoring and controlling the manufacturing process.

How do I store a Scout kayak?

Scout inflatables can be stored either inflated or in a storage case. When stored in a bag, the bag must be dry.

How do I know if I am buying a genuine Scout product?

Our products proudly carry the Logo and are sold via our website. If in doubt whether a boat is genuine, be sure to contact us.

Do Scout inflatable products come with a warranty?

If you have purchased a Scout 365 boat, please print and fill out the warranty registration card on the warranty page within 30 days of purchase for your warranty to be effective. Scan and email it back to Scout at or fax to (714) 242-2189.

How much do Scout products cost?

The Scout price depends on the model of portable inflatable kayak or accessory that you choose. We’re confident, however, that they’re affordable for the high-quality materials, stability, and accessibility of their products.

Scout boat maintenance

Scout boats require very little maintenance. However, we recommend the following to maximize the lifetime of your boat:

  • Always rinse your boat after use in saltwater
  • We do not recommend using solvent or chemical-based cleaning agents on your Scout 365
  • When storing your boat for several days, ensure it is covered and out of direct sunlight
  • Store dry in a dry, well-ventilated space
  • Store in an area free from pests