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Why buy your Outboard Motor from Online Outboards? 

Online Outboards is an authorized dealer of Tohatsu, Suzuki, Mercury, and Honda Marine, offering you a broad selection for your next outboard motor. With over 20 years experience in sales and service, Online Outboards can have you on the water in no time with a new boat motor. Whether it’s fishing, sailing, or just being out on the water, we have the perfect boat motor for you.


What outboard motors are for sale on OnlineOutboards.com? 

Online Outboards is proud to offer outboard motors from brands like TohatsuSuzukiMercury, and Honda. Choose from standard, 4-stroke carbureted outboard motors or electronic fuel injected (EFI) outboard motors. Additionally, Online Outboards allows you to search all boat motors by shaft length, trim and tilt preferences, fuel tank types, and more!


Why should I buy a NEW outboard motor?

When it comes to selecting the right outboard motor for your boat, there are many factors to consider: engine life, warranty coverage, fuel efficiency, environmental impact, and overall reliability. Your preference for a new vs. used boat motor will largely depend on your boating needs and your risk tolerance.


You advertise boat motors for sale. Are these new or used boat motors?
These are new boat motors for sale. From time to time, our partners at TohatsuSuzukiMercury, and Honda, offer us special terms and pricing, which we choose to pass on to Online Outboards customers.


Why are outboard motors so expensive?
Expensive compared to what? Traditional oars or paddles? Outboard motor technology has significantly increased in recent years. The result -- boat motors that run cleaner, greener and with less required maintenance. The initial investment may be significant, however, the lifetime value far exceeds this initial number. Plus, you're not just buying a boat motor. You're buying priceless memories on the water with family and friends!