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Mercury Outboards

Mercury Marine Outboard Motor Features

Mercury Outboards

Mercury Marine 4-stroke motors deliver efficient, reliable power in a lightweight package.

Mercury Outboards

Efficient air intake allows the powerhead to generate impressive torque. Your motor will last longer and move heavy loads with ease.

Mercury Outboards

Featuring tiller adjustments and a down-angle stop, you can adjust the settings to the perfect height. Throttle friction is also adjustable.

Mercury Outboards
remote operation

Remote controls lets you steer from the helm comfortably. The 23-inch tiller allows for precision handling.

Mercury Outboards

A series of Black Max propellers are designed specifically for the 25 and 30 HP motors. They are offered in 1-inch pitch increments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drives are available for Mercury Marine motors?

Jet & Propeller

What are my horsepower options for a Mercury Marine motor?

30 HP EFI & 25 HP EFI

How much do Mercury Marine Outboard motors cost?

$500 - $5,000

What start options are there for Mercury Marine motors?

Electric & Manual

What shaft lengths are there for Mercury Marine motors?

15”, 20”, & 25”

Mercury Marine Outboard Motors

Spend More Time on the Water with Mercury Outboards

Efficient Power. 4-stroke motors are optimized for reliable performance. The 500cc single-overhead cam design delivers the fastest speed and acceleration among 3-cylinder, 30 HP outboards. Enjoy your outboard any time of year.

Compact Design. Ideal for new engine setups or repowers, the slender width of a Mercury 4-Stroke outboard fits most transoms, including those with narrow engine wells and tight motor spacing. Pound for pound, they're among the lightest 3-cylinder outboards in their class.

Powerful Alternator. The 17-amp alternator delivers powerful battery-charging output to keep your outboard moving. Plus, there's no need to worry about belt or bearing maintenance.

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Mercury Outboards