Takacat LX Series Inflatable Catamarans

Takacat LX Series Inflatable Catamarans
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Takacat 260 LX Inflatable Catamaran

55.0 lb Weight
From $1,999.00
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*Photo may not show the actual model.
*Photo may not show the actual model.
*Photo may not show the actual model.
*Photo may not show the actual model.

Takacat 420 LX Inflatable Catamaran

111.0 lb Weight
From $3,149.00
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Takacat, The Ultimate Portable Inflatable Boat

An innovative range of quality inflatable catamaran boats designed and developed in New Zealand by Greg Sowden. Whether you love fishing, exploring or you're simply looking for a quality portable tender for your yacht or motor home, Takacat is the answer.

A foldable Takacat boat is a tough, stable, and fun option on any water. Top features of a Takacat boat are stability, versatility, and being lightweight. The inflatable tenders can be rolled up into a carry bag with Takacat innovative fully removable tube transom® system for easy transportation and storage. Check out the full range and feel free to contact us to help you pick the best boat for your recreational style!

Available Takacat Boats: 

Takacat Portable Inflatable Boat FAQs

  • Is a Takacat easy to set up? 

The Takacats are designed for quick and easy assembly. No mucking around with heavy and complicated floorboard systems. Inflation with the supplied manual pump takes 8-15 minutes depending on the Takacat size and your fitness level. Inflation by our speedy electric pump takes 5-8 minutes, depending on the size of the Takacat you are inflating.

1. Inflate main tubes to 3psi / 22.5kpa
2. Insert Tube Transom bars. Tip - rub down Tube Transom with soapy water as this will make sliding the transom bars in much easier.
3. Fit motor mount transom boards with supplied eye bolt
4. Insert and inflate floor to 10psi / 65kpa
5. Use webbing straps to connect bow D rings
6. Attach oars
7. Fit outboard motor
8. Check required safety equipment, bylaws and weather conditions prior to departure.

  • Is a Takacat boat easy to deflate and stow? 

The innovative, fully removable transom enables the Takacat to be rolled-up smaller, easier and lighter than traditional inflatable boats that have a fixed transom. A big advantage when it comes to handling, transportation and/or storage. Ideal for the caravan, motor home and foldaway tender markets.

  • Where are Takacat portable inflatable boats manufactured? 

Designed, developed and tested by founder Greg Sowden in Auckland, New Zealand. These versatile inflatable boats are then CE tested and custom-built in Takacat's Chinese factory using quality components from around the world.

  • What is the Takacat price? 

The Takacat price depends on the model of portable inflatable boat that you choose. However, we feel confident in saying that for the stability and durability of these dinghies, they're very cost effective. 

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Takacat Inflatable Catamaran Warranty Policy

Both PVC & Hypalon have a 3-year warranty against defects and deterioration that affect usability as aging, cracking, or delamination. Air Filling pipe seams have a 2-year warranty. Additionally, parts and equipment, including the high-pressure deck, carry handle, "D" rings, bow, seat, lid, paddles, oars, will be free from defects in material and structure for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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