How Reliable are Outboards?

How Reliable are Outboards?

The answer to the question on the reliability of outboards all depends on who you ask. Read through the many forums on this subject and you’ll find everyone has an opinion on what makes for a reliable outboard based on different sets of criteria.


Technological advancements in outboard engines over the past decade have increased the reliability and popularity of outboard motors. If you are looking to find a reliable outboard, be sure to know what your needs are and then do a little research.

Needs First

Before you begin your search, you have to know what your actual needs and expectations from an outboard motor are first, then read the reviews from both manufacturers and actual users to help narrow your choices.

Evaluating Outboards

There are many forums and websites online that provide different points of view. While smaller portable outboards may not get a lot of attention from manufacturers, they are popular and affordable for many who enjoy recreational boating activities. This site provides reviews on a variety of outboards ranging from 4 HP to 350 HP. 

Once you’ve narrowed your choice, use our filtering options on to find your new reliable outboard motor. We carry top-rated brands and models for nearly every outboard use—we do nothing but outboards. Let us help you select the motor that’s just right for you and get you out on the water faster.

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