New Outboard Boat Motor Technology Delivers Great Fuel Alternative

New Outboard Boat Motor Technology Delivers Great Fuel Alternative

Boat lovers are jumping on board to do their part for the environment—and to better enjoy the beauty of nature. They’re looking to a propane powered outboard boat motor solution for a quieter, more pleasant-smelling ride, with considerably less adverse environmental impact than gasoline. 

Boat U.S. magazine, states that propane burns 50 times cleaner than gasoline, is non-toxic, and won’t harm marine life. And the positives keep adding up. While gas engines can leak dangerous fluids, emit an unpleasant gas smell, necessitate messy refueling, and can be difficult to start, propane motors offer enticing benefits.

Propane outboard boat motor contains zero ethanol

Propane motors are easier to start than gas motors; burn cleaner than gasoline; are easy to refuel; and the fuel is easier to store than gasoline. Tohatsu, manufacturer of premium propane motors, says propane power delivers a 30% reduction in exhaust emissions compared to gasoline. And the absence of ethanol means better fuel economy, and no adverse effects on engine components.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Propane fuel has a lower carbon content than conventional gasoline and diesel fuel. When used as a vehicle fuel, propane can offer life cycle greenhouse (GHG) emissions benefits over conventional fuels.” It’s estimated that propane produces less than half the carbon monoxide than gasoline, and it doesn’t deplete the ozone. Propane is relatively inexpensive, produced domestically, and has a low risk of combustion.

Mercury propane outboards are eco-friendly, easy-to-use, reliable and intuitive

Jim Hergert, category manager of Mercury outboards 60hp and lower says, “Propane doesn’t degrade or contain ethanol, so you don’t need to worry about what type of fuel to run or how fresh it is. The pressurized fuel system eliminates priming, making the outboard easier to start.”

Renowned for manufacturing quality motors, Mercury offers several light-weight, eco-friendly, 5-hp outboard propane motors. The motors are perfect for aluminum tiller, inflatable or jon / utility boats, and sailboats. A 5-gallon tank of propane provides about 10 hours of running time at 5,000 rpm.

Safety fuel shut-off valve exclusive to Tohatsu propane outboards

Tohatsu is well known and respected for their quality high-performance outboard motors. Their proprietary safety fuel shut-off valve keeps propane fuel from continuously running when the engine is not in use. Tohatsu outboard motors come equipped to connect to any standard propane tank, and will run for five hours WOT on one 11lb tank.

These lightweight, 5-hp motors are ideal for sailboats, but are also a good fit for aluminum tiller, inflatable or jon / utility boats. Visit our line-up of propane Tohatsu outboards and see what a virtually maintenance free motor is capable of. 

Extended protection for your outboard boat motor technology

Mercury Marine makes it easy to protect your investment. They offer an extended warranty on their outboard motors, where covered parts and labor are paid directly to the service dealer. You don’t have to pay first and then wait for reimbursement. The contract is between you and Mercury Marine.

Pick the plan that best fits your needs. Plans are priced based on motor hp, and duration desired – three years or five years. The standard purchase period for the plan is within 12 months of the original registration date. Our plan starts when the factory warranty ends.

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