3 Tips for Boating on a Budget

3 Tips for Boating on a Budget

Love the idea of owning a boat but not the idea of spending all your hard-earned cash to make it a reality? You’re not alone! But fear not, it is possible to enjoy all the joys that come with being a boat owner, and still have money left over for the rest of life’s pleasures.

Pay for only the power you need

Boating on a budget is smart boating: don’t fall into the “bigger is better” trap when selecting the proper outboard motor for your boat. Small boats outfitted with oversized motors will be out of balance in the water and difficult to handle. Likewise, placing too small of a motor with a large boat can result in overload and cause your motor to have a shorter life span – resulting in the need for an additional financial investment.

Each boat maker provides suggestions for motor sizing on every vessel. You can choose to size your motor properly within this spectrum based on your desire for performance and speed. Ready to get started? Check out some of our best-selling outboard motors.

Consider more than just the motor

While sizing the horsepower of your motor is certainly important, it is not the only factor to consider. Items such as shaft length, propeller type and engine starting features must all fit the specs of your boat and your outboard motor application. Failure to properly spec any of these items can not only result in decreased performance but can cause catastrophic damage to your outboard motor.

Not sure what to buy when boating on a budget? Consider this additional information during your research.  

Finance the purchase and pay less out of pocket

OnlineOutboards is proud to offer financing options for your online purchases through Affirm and PayPal. Instead of having to pay for your motor in full, these options allow you to break the purchase price into more affordable, monthly payments and stretch your budget further.

When you’re ready to embark on your affordable boating adventure, view our collection of cheap outboard motors.

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