More Than Motors: The Tohatsu Outboards Story

More Than Motors: The Tohatsu Outboards Story

We’re proud to offer Tohatsu Outboards for sale. This company's passion for all things water-related is just one of the reasons we’ve chosen this meaningful partnership. Here’s their story:  

Tohatsu Outboards for Sale: The Story Behind the Motor

The Tohatsu Outboards team believes that boats are a kindred spirit to the sea, the river, and the lake. Boats immerse you in nature and navigate you to unforgettable experiences. And the outboard motor helps make all this possible.

Outboard motors are about a whole lot more than just the specs. A truly great motor delivers it all—performance, safety, and the ultimate ease of use. That’s why Tohatsu Outboards never stops asking themselves the essential questions about what makes a great engine. They’ve been doing that since 1922, when aviation engineer Masuzo Takata founded Tohatsu.

Making Waves. Changing the World. 

Time and again, Tohatsu innovations have made waves that change the world.

Take, for example, the Tohatsu motorcycle, which dominated the industry with its compact engine. Or Tohatsu outboard motors, built with one-of-a-kind direct injection technology, which has revolutionized environmental performance.

Tohatsu is uncompromising in their pursuit of outboard motors that are both durable and as light as possible. The company pursues the ultimate in quality to deliver an inspirational engine experience. This is their unwavering promise: to deliver a more refined and stimulating boating experience.

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