Suzuki Marine Clean Ocean Project: More Than Great Engines

Suzuki Marine Clean Ocean Project: More Than Great Engines

150,000,000 tons.

More than the weight of 50,000 airplanes.

That's roughly how much marine plastic waste is floating in the ocean right now. And every year, another 8,000,000 tons of plastic flow into the ocean. Plastic waste marine pollution has spread across the world. Microplastics have even been found in the uninhabited North and South Poles.

Home to “The Ultimate Outboard Motor,” Suzuki Marine knew they had to do more than build great boat motors. So, they initiated the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project – a commitment to a cleaner environment.

What is the Suzuki Marine Clean Ocean Project?

The entire Suzuki Marine team is dedicated to providing the ultimate marine experience. This can't be accomplished without a healthy and clean marine environment for boat lovers and marine wildlife alike.

The project is Suzuki's promise to take responsible actions against marine plastic waste issues through three commitments:

  1. Clean-Up the World Campaign: A yearly worldwide campaign conducted by Suzuki to encourage people around the globe to contribute to a cleaner marine environment through clean-up initiatives.
  2. Reduce Plastic Packaging: Suzuki Marine and Suzuki Outboard Motors are making efforts to gather plastic waste and reduce the plastic packaging used for their products.
  3. Collect Marine Microplastic Waste: Still in the development stages, Suzuki is creating a Microplastic Collecting Device that will enable outboard motors to collect microplastics as they're cruising through the water without negative effects on engine performance.

Join the Movement

Make waves with the Clean Ocean Project in your area. Take care of the areas where you spend time floating, boating, and fishing. Coordinate a clean-up day with family and friends in the community. As you gather along the shore, look in nearby grassy areas, around docks, and in local parks.


Learn more about how you can help Suzuki Marine's Clean Ocean Project:


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