Take an Inflatable Catamaran Adventure with Takacat

Take an Inflatable Catamaran Adventure with Takacat

The Takacat portable inflatable boat is perfect for recreational adventures, professional organizations, teams, rescuers, fishermen, and explorers. Takacat's open bow design makes boarding from the water easier than other types of watercraft. This makes it perfect for pets who love to jump off for a cool dip in the water and for boaters of all ages and abilities. 

Who is Takacat?

Takacat is a growing and innovative New Zealand-based company located in the ‘City of Sails’, Auckland. The company opened its doors in 2007. Since then, it has been committed to bringing a new and exciting range of inflatable catamaran boats to the international market. Each Takacat boat is designed with key attributes of safety, stability, and speed with great versatility and ease of use.

Greg Sowden, Director at Takacat, spends his life out on the water enjoying fishing, diving, and exploring with the family. He takes this personal experience and infuses it with the innovative inflatable catamaran designs you see here at Online Outboards.

The Takacat Way

Every Takacat LX features best-in-class portable inflatable boat designs. Here’s what every Takacat boat owner loves about their inflatable catamaran:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact storage
  • Unique removable transom
  • One seam design
  • High-efficiency and performance makes it ride on a cushion of air
  • Stable, large diameter tube and raised floor
  • Quick drain transom and unique bow design for dry rides
  • Safe and easy access bow design

Superior Inflatable Catamaran at Online Outboards

Here at Online Outboards, we’re excited to offer the Takacat LX series. All of these inflatable tenders can be rolled up into a carry bag for easy transportation and storage. They’re also easy to pair with available motors from our collection.

Go ahead. Let the adventurer in you explore the power and fun of Takacat:

Takacat 420 LX

Powerful Safety Boat

  • Overall Length: 13'-9"
  • Outboard Range: 6hp to 25hp
  • Weight: 125 lb. 

Takacat 380 LX

The Fishing Favorite

  • Overall Length: 12'-5"
  • Outboard Range: 2.5hp to 20hp
  • Weight: 90 lb. 

Takacat 340 LX

The Ultimate Portable Boat

  • Overall Length: 11'-2"
  • Outboard Range: 2.5hp to 15hp
  • Weight: 80 lb. 

Takacat 300 LX

The Tender of Innovation

  • Overall Length: 9'-10"
  • Outboard Range: 2.5hp to 10hp
  • Weight: 70 lb. 

Takacat 260 LX

Removable/Fixed Transom

  • Overall Length: 8'-6"
  • Outboard Range: 2hp to 8hp
  • Weight: 65 lb. 


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