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Outboard Motors Basics


How Much Do Outboards Weigh

Depending on the type of watercraft you have and the type of outboard motor you need, you can find outboards that range from as light as just 13 kg/29.5 lbs for a 2.3 hp engine to as heavy as 497kg/1094 lbs for a 627 hp motor!

Maintaining Suzuki Outboards

Online Outboards and Suzuki want to help you care for and maintain your Suzuki outboard so that it will provide you with many years of successful use.

How to Winterize Outboards

If you live in a climate that prevents you from using your outboard motor year-round, it’s important to winterize it so that it will be ready to perform for you during the next boating season.

How reliable are outboards?

It depends on who you ask. Read through the many forums on this subject and you’ll find everyone has an opinion on what makes for a reliable outboard based on different sets of criteria.

How much do outboard motors cost?

Outboard motors can range from $110 to nearly $90,000 depending on power, make, model, and other factors.

How long do outboards last?

As you might suspect, this is not a simple question to answer. There is no one correct answer to this question due to the many variables that may affect how long an outboard motor will last.