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Outboard Motors Basics


Why Consider a Propane Outboard?

In recent years, increasing environmental regulations have led to the development of cleaner burning gasoline-powered outboard motors. But, in terms of their environmental sustainability, nothing has revolutionized the outboard engine market like the advent of propane-fueled motors.

Propane outboards burn fuel 50 times – yes, you read that right, 50 times! – cleaner than even eco-friendly gasoline-powered outboards. They release very little in the way of greenhouse gases or toxic fumes. In fact, some propane-powered outboards have zero emissions!

EFI vs. a Standard 4-Stroke

When choosing a four-stroke outboard – depending on the horsepower range you need for your craft – one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want an electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engine or a standard, carbureted four-stroke.

Selecting the Right Outboard for Your Boat

Boaters – and prospective boaters – invest considerable time in evaluating different types, makes and models of watercraft before purchasing a boat. But, when buying an outboard motor, do they take enough time to ensure they're getting the outboard that's best for their boat and leisure activities? Not always.

How to Clean Your Outboard Motor

Whether you use your outboard in saltwater, freshwater or both, it’s important to clean and maintain your outboard motor so that it will perform the way you want it to and provide you with many happy years of service.

Maintaining Honda Outboards

Online Outboards and Honda Marine want to help you care for and maintain your Honda outboard so that it will provide you with many years of successful use.

From tips on maintaining and storing your Honda outboard in saltwater and cleaning and flushing your engine, to information about how to avoid fuel-related problems and change your gear case oil, the links below offer helpful online resources to keep your Honda outboard running smoothly.

Maintaining Tohatsu Outboards

Online Outboards and Tohatsu want to help you care for and maintain your Tohatsu outboard so that it will provide you with many years of successful use.