4 Stroke Outboards: The Advantages & Best Motor Choices

4 Stroke Outboards: The Advantages & Best Motor Choices

Whether you're fishing, floating with the family, or participating in another exciting water-related hobby, it's crucial to have a reliable motor. We believe 4 stroke outboards are ideal to get you out on the water doing exactly what you love.

Here are the top advantages:

Less Expensive to Operate

Compared to their 2 stroke counterparts, 4 stroke outboards are about 50% more fuel-efficient. There are also money-saving benefits in the oil reservoir versus mixing oil in the gas with a 2 stroke.

Improved Technology Promotes Longer Lifespan

Oil reservoirs coat every internal component for constant lubrication. This keeps the engine and all of its components cool to improve durability and lifespan. Also, 4 stroke outboards do not have intake or exhaust ports or pistons, allowing them to operate with tighter tolerances.

Environmentally Friendly

The issue of water pollution is something outboard manufacturers take very seriously. All 4 stroke outboards are approximately 90% cleaner than typical 2 strokes. None of the 4 strokes release oil directly into the water and many of the top manufacturers are improving efficiency and decreasing emissions.

Top 4 Stroke Outboards

Tohatsu is known for their commitment to providing boat motors that are simple, easy to use, and of outstanding quality. The trust that commercial fishermen and the military have put in Tohatsu is due to consistent quality and reliability. Each Tohatsu boat motor is easy to carry, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.

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Mercury Outboard Motors is an American company based in Wisconsin that has lead the way since 1939 in many industry firsts, such as sterndrive and electronic ignition. Mercury's 8hp twin cylinder 4 stroke outboard is compact and lightweight.

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Superior quality, reliability, technology, and fuel efficiency have made Honda an automotive legend. You'll find those same strengths in all Honda outboard motors. Honda introduced the first 4 stroke outboard engine in America more than 40 years ago.

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Suzuki's experience, expertise, and technology led the marine industry in the development of reliable, powerful 4 stroke outboard motors that do not just meet clean air standards but exceed them. In fact, in 2011 Suzuki Outboard Motors launched Suzuki's “Clean-Up the World Campaign” promoting their vision of a great day on the water in a clean healthy environment.

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