The Inflatable Boat FAQ

The Inflatable Boat FAQ

Inflatable Boats and Outboard Motors

An unlikely pair has become the ultimate water duo – inflatable boats and outboard motors. The combination of the two in recent years has provided die-hard fishermen, duck hunters, rescue workers, and water lovers of all kinds with unforgettable experiences.

Here at Online Outboards, we’re proud to sell a top inflatable boat brand. We’re an exclusive dealer of Takacat Inflatable Catamarans. These one-of-a-kind inflatables are lightweight and assemble quickly and easily.

While we’re already loving the ease, durability, and endless hours of water adventure fun these inflatable boats provide, we understand our customers still have a lot of great questions.

We’re scratching the surface in the FAQs below:

Can you put an outboard on an inflatable boat?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage this dynamic combination to give you more adventure flexibility. Every inflatable boat we carry comes with a recommended outboard motor size to make pairing easier for you. With the correct size outboard, your inflatable boat will take you farther, faster.

Are inflatable boats seaworthy?

The buoyancy of inflatable boat tubes makes them highly stable watercrafts. Even when you’re running at high speeds or are fighting waves, they’re sturdier and more stable than any other lightweight vessel. In fact, rescuers depend on inflatable boats during an emergency because they’re so dependable in rough water.

Are inflatable boats easy to set up?

Easy and quick. Takacat can take anywhere from 8-15 minutes to set up. Of course, this depends on the size of your boat and if you’re using a manual pump or a speedy electric pump. When your boat arrives, there’s no guesswork involved in set-up. Clear, step-by-step instructions are provided with less than 10 steps.

Do inflatable boats come with warranties?

Takacat provides substantial warranties for their boating products. With Takacat, different sections of the boat hold varying warranty policies. For example, PVC and Hypalon have a three-year warranty against defects and deterioration. However, air filling pipe seams have a two-year warranty.

Are inflatable boats affordable?

The price of an inflatable boat depends on the model of boat you choose. However, we feel confident in saying that our Takacat models are cost-effective, especially for the stability and durability these dinghies provide.


Want to dive in further and ask more questions about inflatable boats? We’re here to help!

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