Four-Stroke (4-Stroke) Outboard Motors

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When you’re in the market for a new electric outboard motor, you may be asking yourself several questions before investing in one of the top brands available to you. From as small as 2.3hp to 30hp motors, has the supply for all your horsepower, model, and top brand needs.

Outboard motors can be placed in the two or four-stroke categories, each containing their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Two-stroke outboard motors are light, powerful and reported as easy to maintain. Disadvantages for this stroke model include being rather loud, not fuel-efficient, and a less than desirable performer at low speeds. Heavier than their counterpart, four-stroke outboard motors provide a more fuel-efficient option, emit less emissions into the atmosphere, and are quieter.

If durability, extra torque, and a more fuel-efficient option is what you’re looking for to create memories on the water, then has the four-stroke outboard motor for you. We invite you to look through our top brands and horsepower options that we offer.

Honda: 2.3 – 20hp
Tohatsu: 2.5hp – 20hp
Suzuki: 2.5hp – 30hp
Mercury: 2.5hp – 20hp

Whether your riding style requires a two- or four-stroke engine, be sure to purchase your new outboard from, an authorized dealer of the world’s top four-stroke outboard motor brands. As always, give our experts a call if you have any questions regarding what outboard motor you should be utilizing on the water.